Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ode to the Kindle..

I am a paper person. If I could force myself to read a book I would, just because it's amazing that paper holds not just ink formations that can be made into sentences but vast amounts of knowledge, stories about how our lives could be far in the future, and tales of life in the untamed west. I write down grocery lists, to-do lists and I have even been known to write my feelings down on a piece of paper, even if just for myself. I write things to remember, things to forget, and my kids' shoe sizes. I love feeling a pen in my hand, especially a good fountain pen, and quality paper makes me happy. I adore going to Office Depot just to peruse the pen section (well, and every other section, I am an office supply store addict).

However, as of late I have discovered something that I think I might love even more than paper... My Kindle. I am not a reader, I wish I was but alas my ADHD does not allow me to cuddle up with a good book, or a bad book or any kind of book for that matter because I get a couple of pages into it and get distracted/frustrated and quit. My Kindle fixes that for me, I think it works for several reasons:

1) The device itself is light, compact, aesthetically pleasing and not distracting. I don't have to try to hold the pages in such a way that I don't break the spine of the book but can still read it comfortably. It feels good in my hands, and the not distracting part is VERY important to me.

2) The controls are in the exact right spot. My only complaint is that there are 2 "next page" buttons, one under my right thumb and one under my left. The "prev page" button is smaller and above my left thumb... I wish the "next page" button was under my right thumb and the "prev page" button under my left.

3) I can't see how much of the book I have left, so I don't get overwhelmed. Most of the time I will look at the book I am reading and think about how long it's going to take me to get through it, so I get frustrated knowing that I will get distracted and end up putting the book down and not reading it. Not so with the Kindle! I don't have the tactile difference of the small amount of pages I have already read in my left hand as opposed to the big hunk of stuff I haven't read in my right.

So after realizing this magical device could allow me to actually ENJOY reading again I discovered yet another very nifty thing it can do... keep track of my notes for me. My Kindle can also store text files and PDF's for viewing. I can make a list of let's say refrigerator repair persons in notepad then save it to my kindle just like a thumb drive and have it with me wherever, whenever. Same thing with my kids' report cards/progress reports, I can log on to the school's website and download them straight to My Kindle. So this is how I store all the important lists I need to have immediate access to now (including the kids' shoe sizes).

I am still figuring out all the stuff I can make this thing do, I am just now getting in to the web browsing capability, and the Easter Eggs programmed into it (do you know how to make your Kindle play minesweeper? I do!) so expect to hear me rave about this thing more in the future.
Right now I am anxiously awaiting an awesome pink (of course) leather case for it it's gonna be super spiffy!!!!!

But for now I must go, I have pressing mommy matters to attend to.

~end transmission~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

and now for something completely different....

I am new to this whole blogging thing, so i figured i would start out with a list of things i love, things i will more than likely be covering in much more detail in blogs to come... *disclaimer*this is not a list of people or "duh" things , like the fact i love my beautiful babies or Star Trek, i think the whole world can figure out my kids are my world, I love my boyfriend with all my heart, and Star Trek is teh awesome!!!!

So without further ado...1st post!!!!!!!!!!

Random things I love:

1) The Guild -Felicia Day is awesome and so is WOW

2) My Kindle - My super cool boyfriend gave me his kindle after he bought his iPad, i love love love it! (and him )

3) Insulin Pumps - My oldest daughter's quality of life is going to get soooo much better once we get ours

4) Going to the park/zoo/dinosaur museum with my kids - because i am a ginormous kid myself tyvm! there is nothing wrong with momma playing on the jungle gym or racing her kiddos up the rock wall!!!

5) Twitter - excellent source of entertainment when Levar Burton accidentally gives out his real(?) cell # and Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton make fun of him for days because of it

6) iPad, specifically, my b/f's - because it makes him happy, and when he's happy i'm happy, plus when he got it he gave me the kindle ;-)

7) Going to my kids school - dunno why i just love it!!!

8) WOW - it's been a long time, and it's exceedingly hard to try to get a real D&D game going anymore

9) Fishing (and going to Bass Pro) - i'm from Oklahoma, yes i'm a ginormous nerd but that doesn't mean i don't like fishing...or rodeo, i loooove rodeo too...

And finally, last but not least...

10) Music - my musical tastes make most people's head hurt, i love all types of country music, technno/dance/house/electronica (and yes there IS a difference), rock, jazz, classical, all of it, look at my playlists sometime and you'll see

guess that's about it for the [insert deep movie voice] "introduction to me" If you have bothered to read this far then you are an awesome person.